From Vegas to the pearly gates.

Sometimes life throws you an utter curve ball.

In June 2001, eight weeks earlier than expected, our newest family member arrived in the world. Our beautiful baby girl, weighing in at 4lb 8oz arrived on 5th June 2001 at 11.30 am. She was born via emergency cesarean section.

We thought all was well as she was perfectly healthy. Each day saw little Martha going from strength to strength… however my health was rapidly deteriorating and I didn’t even know it.

Two days after her birth my sisters, Ruth and Alice visited us in the hospital. On the way home Ruth, who has always had strong psychic tendencies, was very disturbed. “Something’s not right,” she said to Alice, “I can feel it.”
“But the baby is fine,” Alice responded.
“It’s not the baby…it’s Wendy,” Ruth replied.

Ruth’s instincts were spot on! Something was terribly wrong. At that moment in time none of us knew that a deadly bacteria was taking hold and beginning to attack my flesh. Necrotising Fasciitis, more commonly known as the flesh eating bug, had taken hold.

Four days following Martha’s entry into the world, on 9th June, I was rushed to emergency surgery. The doctors diagnosed that I had necrotising fasciitis and began to remove the blackened infected tissue that was ravaging and killing my tissue at a life threatening rate.

From the moment I started reading “From Vegas to the Pearly Gates” found it so compelling I couldn’t put it down.” 

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You can read my full story in From Vegas to the Pearly Gates. Join me on my journey from tragedy to triumph. Share in my…

  • glimpse of the other side in a near death experience (NDE)
  • The body image struggles as I battled to come to terms with a mutilated body
  • An undying love that refused to be broken despite my numerous attempts
  • The mind altering and heart opening experiences which took me on an adventure to discover that there is far more to me, to you, to all of us than currently meets the eye

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