When you learn to live from inspiration and be guided by your soul rather than living out repeated experiences of your conditioning and your past… so much is waiting to emerge.

It’s time to discover energetic tools, techniques and practices that give your soul permission to come to the fore and lead the way in your life. A way that will fill you with complete joy, vibrancy and delight.

#1 Golden Key = Your emotions are wise guides. Most people think they need to get rid of uncomfortable feelings but the truth is the discomfort holds the keys to your absolute liberation. By simply breathing and witnessing the rawness of the feeling sensation, limiting patterns can be gently dissolved and more of your soul becomes liberated.

I am wendy. My directive is love 💖

In 2001, I found LIFE in the face of death, which led to a spiritual awakening and travelling the globe, working with experts on meditation, spiritual awakening, Tai Chi, Chi Kung, meditation, Shiatsu, psychology, metaphysics and much more to share these gifts with you and the world.


Check out my five star rated books for upfront and honest life-altering experiences, personal change and spirituality.


"An inspiring and uplifting story that helps you, as the reader, to place your own troubles in perspective and to consider that with love and surrender, we can find peace and joy. Wendy's honesty, her integrity and her huge love and compassion - shine through this book and illuminate the lives of those reading it. Thoroughly recommend. I read it in one day! XXX"
"Utterly mesmerising book. I found it impossible to put down. I was drawn in very quickly by the gripping tale and raw humanity of it. Some pages I immediately folded over at the corners, knowing that the truths in certain paragraphs were so powerful and that I would want to reread them again and again. Definitely one to read over and over, a book I will forever treasure."
"I loved the book! I rattled through it in a couple of sittings- I knew some of the story, or thought I did- but really had no idea of the resilience, open mindedness and hope that sustained Wendy through this awful experience. I can see now how Wendy has become the inspirational leader that she is. The book has made me realise again the value of positivity and story. A must-read."


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