Bee Wish

Repetitive days, a boring existence,
The same old thing just to meet my subsistence.
I hate this life I want to die,
The request leaves my body with a desperate sigh.

Repetitive, mindless and boring bollocks,
I crave some joy, some japes and frolics.
I hate this life of misery,
I wish I was a humming Bee.

Free to fly wherever I can,
Without any limits or places of ban.
Buzzing away as part of the tribe,
Connected with all, a thriving vibe.

Together we work as a team us bees,
Never a fight to be top cheese.
We work together for one and all,
Because we know this is natures call.

I don’t need my own house or property,
The freedom in this is clear to me.
Happy to share and be part of team,
Living as part of life’s wonderful stream.

One for all and all for one,
This is the beat of the sacred drum.
One for all and all for one,
Come buzz with us and join the fun.