You once said I was an unscratchable itch,
A subtle niggle that nothing else could quite fix.
You have a similar impact on me,
An unfathomable attraction from which I can’t flee.

I try to be rational and convince myself it’s over,
That never again will I meet you as my lover,
Yet I long to touch you and feel your breath,
I yearn to be one in soft caress.

For me the description of itch is all wrong,
An itch is on the surface, that is where it does belong.
For me this is something far deeper than this,
I cannot explain the depths that I miss.

I can only describe a deep well of yearning,
A hunger so passionate it knows no spurning.
An aching longing that I cannot explain,
Sometimes pleasure and sometimes pain.

It’s with me every moment of the day,
Nothing I do makes it go away.
At night in my dreams you often appear,
It thrills my heart to feel you near.

I have never known a love like this,
The union breathing indescribable bliss.
The challenge was the deep release,
Turmoil before the everlasting peace.

A journey of waking up this life,
To union and harmony beyond all strife.
Together we combine as one,
Finally resting the search is done.

The hardest thing of all to take,
Is that my actions led to the break.
How sad that I found my counterpart,
Then blindly lost it due to my heavy heart.

Your love is like a drug to me,
Like heroine highly addictive in quality.
Intoxicating, delightful, lighting the fire,
Of my hidden burning desire.

To be near you is both heaven and hell,
The buzz of your presence totally swell.
Fleeting moments of intense pleasure,
The sadness due to the very short measure.

When I think of you it makes me smile,
I hold you dear all the while.
Praying that one day you will return,
Because you share the same deep yearn.