Birds of a Feather

Some people come and go
A fleeting moment in the show.
Others seem to stick around
Like something lost that has been found.

Invisible threads that bind like glue
Fitting like a comfortable shoe.
Can cause confusion to the mind
Because it sees with sight that’s blind.

Some people are oh so special
Quietly in your heart they nestle.
In such a way you can never let go
They grow like a seed that you sow.

I had an itch I couldn’t scratch
Because it covered more than a patch.
The whole of my being was engulfed
Limitless, timeless in life was wrapped.

How can I dismiss a part of me?
Like a trunk divorcing the branches of a tree.
Like toast without butter and jam
Or green eggs without ham.

Some things just go together
In timeless space they last forever.
We co-exist you and me
Together combining to be free.

In realms beyond the naked eye
Where eagles soar in the sky.
A state of pure existence
Beyond the minds perceptual persistence.