Broken Love

Dear God, I’m sad, my heart is breaking,
My heads a muddle, my limbs are aching.
I’m sad because he left today,
I wish there was another way.

We’ve tried so hard to make it right,
But all we seem to do is fight.
He makes me mad and really cross,
But now he’s gone I feel the loss.

Why is it so that I fail to see,
The beauty right in front of me.
It’s like I’m blinded and cannot see,
All the things that he can be.

I just lose sight, I don’t know why,
It happens no matter how hard I try.
It’s like a fog that comes to settle,
Clouding my mind and creating poor fettle.

I’m sad today, it breaks my heart,
I wish I could go back to the start.
It was easy then, so easy to see,
All that we had and all we could be.

I loved him dearly with all my heart,
It pains me greatly to be apart.
Please help me lord, help me see,
Give me guidance and clarity.

My dear child it’s hard to share your space,
Without being held in my loving embrace.
There are many games your mind will play,
To cloud your heart and take you away.

At the start Love is open, accepting and pure,
It seems it will forever endure.
But gradually, you’re right, the fog it descends,
It creates turmoil and stops you making amends.

Like a naughty jester it dances between the two of you,
Conniving and jibing, a row trying to brew.
Criticism and judgement come to the fore,
And the little things that nag you begin to store.

Your heart starts to close and your mind takes control,
This is it’s favourite and dominant role.
The beauty you saw it starts to diminish,
And sets you on a path that results in a finish.

My child it’s a blessing, the pain and the hurt,
It wakes you up from the daze that was curt.
You cannot stay permanently in this fog,
Or you will choke on its deathly smog.

I do my best to share with you,
And nudge you gently to join the crew.
But ultimately it rests with you my dear,
Make a choice of Love over fear.

You have been ruled by your head,
Rather than your heart instead.
Trust your instincts, seek out Love,
View your life as if from above.

See the patterns, games and taunts,
That cause you pain and trigger haunts.
Let go of this old way of being,
Open now and begin really seeing.

Love is always there to share,
When you’re prepared to look not glare.
You all tell so many lies,
When you jibe and criticise.

Love your mate with all your heart,
Always and not just from the start.
See each day with eyes anew,
This is my advice to you.