Clickety Clique

Do not compare,
It’s simply unfair.
For each is unique,
Not part of a clique.

Let your own talent come to the fore,
To copy another is a chore and a bore.
You were made with a special gift,
Find it now, come back from adrift.

It’s frightening to be bold and let yourself shine,
Years of put downs your internal whine.
Ignore the voices who quite frankly Know no better,
Trapped, they played along and stuck to the letter.

Compared to another you will never make par,
So throw back your veil and show us who you are.
Be different, it’s easy, the natural way to be,
Share your gift for all the world to see.

Be brave, be honest, valiant and true,
Your gift is the only thing to pursue.
Forget the past, the boxes or the should,
Jump up and become all that you could.