Dare to Dream

I had a dream of what I could be,
I told my friend to see what he’d see.
“You can’t do that” was the reply,
My heart sank and I gave a sigh.

Inside I felt sad, a sinking feeling,
I’d been so sure, no doubt just meaning.
I loved my dream, it felt so good,
So I told another friend and they said “Wow, what if you could”.

My heart it soared, my face was beaming,
It felt so good I decided to keep dreaming.
You never know what the future holds, my other friend said,
but I believe it starts in your head.

Your thoughts are powerful, she told me that day,
Think it, think it and allow what may.
She gave me a tip, she said “Get some paper”
Picture it, draw it and see what comes later.

Inside I wasn’t sure, it was a wacky idea,
But I had nothing to lose and set about the task with cheer.
It felt pretty good, to be honest I loved it,
As my dream poured from my hand, I could see it, feel it, touch it.

“That’s great” she encouraged  “You’ve got the magic”
Apply it now for not to would be tragic.
In that moment I realised my feelings were the key,
Somewhere deep inside me I knew my dream would come to be.

So many dreams stay hidden and are never born,
Their owners are too afraid of scorn.
They are scared to dream, scared to believe,
For fear that they may never achieve.

To heck with it I thought it’s worth a try,
How sad to have regrets before you die.
I really don’t mind what comes to pass,
I’ll pursue my dream even when it feels like a pain in the ass.

“That’s brilliant” she said “and very wise,
For what comes to us is always the perfect size.
Never give up, keep trying , have passion,
with guts and courage in a determined fashion.

Fall in love with your dream, pursue it with vigour,
This my friend is the key, is the trigger.
Go for it, go forward with courage in your heart,
It really is the only place to start.

“I believe in you” she said “and all you can do”
For you will achieve whatever you set your mind to.