Dear Mother

Mother Earth, our dear planet,
We feast on you like a greedy gannet.
Taking all that we can find,
Leaving no trace of jewels behind.

You give us more and keep on giving,
We take from you and call it living.
So lost are we that we cannot see,
The life force that we need is Chi.

Energy, Prana, Ki, is the flow,
Blossoming forth from all that you sow.
Arrogantly we think that we are in charge,
Pushing and shoving, our way forth we barge.

Give me, give me, give me and take, take, take,
Not a moment do we stop and appreciate.
I’m so sorry Dear Mother for my ignorance,
Blindly living as if in a trance.

So grateful am I to finally see,
The beauty that has always surrounded me.
You are the life giver, holding me dear,
I’m sorry it took me so long to appear.