Disappearing  World

Constantly hums the hidden cry,
Diversify, adapt or die.
This is nature’s natural throb,
An on-going and ceaseless job.

The world’s bigger than you and me,
Think globally and you will start to see.
The inter-connected woven mesh,
That forms the Earth’s sacred flesh.

Sadly we are trapped by our own self importance,
A life dictated by power and sub-ordinance.
But there is a golden thread that you cannot see,
Because of your insanity.

Trapped by a system you have created,
That allows the ego to become inflated.
Wrapped up in a failing economy,
You’re only escape a lobotomy.

Pointless tasks with hidden meaning,
Carried out to keep industries wheels gleaming.
Bigger and better, more and more,
This is the material roar.

Faster and brighter, meeting demand,
Raping and pillaging all of the land.
Leaving a damaging mighty print,
Leading the way to become extinct.

We cannot keep taking without giving back,
In doing so we throw the balance out of whack.
The planet is a living, breathing thing,
That sustains us all in full swing.

Somewhere we forgot this fact,
And sadly started to attack.
We started fighting to be centre stage,
This became all the rage.

Hidden damage that we could not see,
Got created by you and me.
This pain went deep right to her roots,
All the while we were filling our boots.

Many came and tried to tell,
That we were off course and all was not well.
No we shouted go away,
We’ll worry about that another day.

But suddenly that day comes to pass,
It comes round and bites you on the ass.
We can’t continue on this course,
So our track will get changed by force.

To prevent destruction and devastation,
We must relent our mind invasion.
The grip of ego’s mind control,
Drowning out the voice of our soul.

We must re-learn to hear the beat,
The sounds that emanates from under our feet.
We need to learn to listen well,
To the eternal silences that swell.

All the help we need is here for us,
There is no need to make a fuss.
No need to cry and be in fear,
A brand new world is about to appear.