Family is Everywhere

I’ve been hiding in a protective shell,
Pretending life’s great and all is swell.
Yet inside I was feeling crushed,
Years of torment creating mistrust.

And then I found my family,
And gradually it became clear to me.
That I no longer needed to hide,
And gradually I started to look inside.

At first it hurt and I wanted to run,
Return to the web that I’d protectively spun.
The pain showed me what I needed all along,
Was to simply feel that I belong.

For once I had found you there was no need to hide,
No matter who I was I could stand by your side.
You opened your arms and your hearts to my being,
And helped clear the fog so I could enjoy clear seeing.

As a child we do wrong, unwittingly without knowing,
This is all part of our learning and growing.
We need unconditional support and love,
Not anger or a hateful shove.

You gave me the gift of just loving me,
This helped my heart open and helped me to see,
That inside I’m soft and gentle and caring,
And this part of me now goes forth in sharing.

I love my family it grows day by day,
Sharing it’s love in every way.
Spreading out for all the world to see,
Born of the Love of my dear family for me.