I and Me

The experience of we, is so much nicer than me,
This is now clear to see.
So why do I hold on so tight,
Struggling and fighting with all my might.

Joy is beyond me in a state that is us,
A tribe or community joined with no fuss.
Pure relief in existence,
A far cry from subsistence.

The separate, the lonely, the sad and confused,
Contracted and torn, lifeless and unenthused.
Flamboyant, colourful, easy and free,
This flight of adventure exists beyond me.

I have been searching for all my life,
Stuck in a suck fest of struggle and strife.
It made no sense to my tormented mind,
The life I thought was mine to find.

I and me, me and mine,
A false belief that I am fine.
We and us, us and we,
Together combined in infinity.

Ironically it was here all along,
Right under my nose that’s where I belong.
For I am not separate or lonely or sad,
I do not exist, instead a trick to drive you mad.

How can I be separate in a universe?
Where do I go when I’m in my hearse?
I alone can do nothing you see,
For I am nothing without we.

Together we’re mighty, united and strong,
All as one this is where we belong.
Goodbye pain, sadness, struggle and strife,
As I forget myself and join fully with life.