Idea Sea

As I surrender myself I hear the call of home,
Memory wiped and all sadness gone.
The illusion dissipates and I see the lie,
The stories and beliefs that create the false tie.

To a world that’s not real, to suffering and sin,
Designed and created to keep us boxed in.
We are more than we can ever deem ourselves to be,
Floating eternal in the idea sea.

No form and no name, no separate gain.
No isolation, loneliness, death or destruction.
No end to this life, forever it rotates and repeats, 
The characters change and the stories dressed up,
Yet they change not, a mere expansion of the same. 

Nothing to do and nowhere to go,
Nothing to reap and nothing to sow.
Illusion this world, a trap of the mind,
Intoxicating and enthralling to make us go blind.

To see the truth is to know what you are,
A moments decision, a call from afar.
Yet near you and in you, no space in-between,
This is the moment when the truth is finally seen.