Invisible Bond

Giggle, run, laugh and play,
This is the way to spend your day.
To enjoy your life to the max,
Get off the already written tracks.

Open your mind to the glory beyond,
Open your eyes to the secret bond.
The glue that holds it all together,
The silent, invisible, expansive tether.

Through storm and calm this glue holds fast,
Linked to the place from where it cast.
You cannot see with eyes that narrow,
You must allow your heart to farrow.

The invisible world is part of you all,
Pulsating and beating a permanent call.
Magical qualities await your permission,
To flood your life without remission.

Take a deep breath and make it so,
Invite the magic that is life’s natural flow.
A nudge, a wink, a smile divine,
A life lived completely, spontaneous, sublime.

Welcome All, every race, colour and creed,
This beauty exists beyond your greed.
This is the life that’s waiting for you,
For everyone and not just the chosen few.

Feel your way beyond the partition,
Open to yourself as an amazing magician.
Unite as one and know your connection,
Share with others your love and affection.

Gather together to eat, love and share,
Gather together so your soul can be bare.
Allow it to be with ease and grace,
That peace be born here in this place.