Life Ruck-Sack

The weight of guilt is a heavy burden,
It steals your life force known as shen.
It crushes your spirit like a massive rock,
But really it’s a load of crock!

It’s been accumulated over eons of time,
Original stories of sin created the prime.
We all got swept up in this common curse,
And believed it when it was told in verse.

It’s a massive lie this ongoing story,
Told by some who wanted all the glory.
Driven by their ego and greed,
They spread this lie at full speed.

It’s kept us caught in a cycle of blame,
This escalating guilt and shame.
Rejoice now for it’s time to let it go,
And realise what you already know.

This life is all about learning you see,
Embracing differences and mastering how to be.
The trouble is we get weighed down by the things on our back,
All the past that we carry in our life ruck-sack.

We have a habit of not letting go,
Of holding on tightly because we don’t know.
That the only moment that exists is now,
This is the secret to mastering how.

You’re not meant to carry it with you forever,
Gripped in its clutches and making progress never.
This life is about learning and growing,
Tuning yourself with the eternal knowing.

In truth it only needs a moment,
To look inside and see the lesson sent.
To free yourself from guilt and shame,
Choose forgiveness instead of blame.

Be grateful for the lessons offered,
From many directions they are proffered.
Gifted to you to assist your release,
And help your find your return to peace.

So free yourself from the torment of mind,
And within this new way you will find,
That it is great to be more zen,
And allow the free flow of your shen.