Promise Me This

True love defies all time, all boundaries and is created to last,
So promise to never let us get trapped by the past.
Instead to see me every day with eyes anew,
This is the secret of a special few.

True love is the way to all that is dear,
Honest, caring, the pathway is clear.
Promise to listen with all of your heart,
Let’s do this darling right from the start.

Promise me you’ll always be open to see,
If problems arise they are in you and not in me.
That no matter what happens or what challenges we face,
You’ll keep your heart open in loves true embrace.

For true love does not judge, condemn or chastise,
It doesn’t demand, punish or despise.
It never says you must not do this or do that,
Or zaps your life force so that you feel flat.

Promise to share and tell me the truth,
Never to hide or be aloof.
Promise to listen and promise to say,
So that silly little problems never get in our way.

Promise to keep exploring,
So life never gets boring.
Promise to take time out just to be,
To gaze into my eyes and fully connect with me.

I do not ask you to promise to be mine forever,
On this journey of life together.
I do not ask you to ever compromise your heart,
Even if this means we must be apart.

For I will never put you in a cage,
As the story of your life unfolds on the page.
I ask this my darling for you not for me,
Because my greatest wish is that you will always be free.

Yet if we are so lucky that together we grow old,
Promise to wrap me tight in a loving hold.
Moment to moment we’ll skip through this life,
Hand in hand, side by side for the joy and the strife.
For this life is amazing, filled with majesty, mystery and wonder,
When we totally let go and in true love surrender.