Remember My Love

So clever this intelligent mind,
Put here to serve all mankind.
Create, destroy, create again,
Round and round in ceaseless pain.
Caught up forever in analysis,
And the endless suffering that persists.
Throw off the chains and release the shackles,
Breathe deeply through your raised hackles.

Think not about what it’s about,
Instead ask me to help you out.
To show you what you really are,
Radiant love from afar.
Shining brightly for all to see,
The beauty I created you to be.
Free from pain and endless torture,
Dressed in love and filled with rapture.

Divinity in glorious form,
It’s time now to end the storm.
I love every single part of you,
Remember my love and become brand new.
Revitalised, nourished, whole, complete,
Come reside with me, come take your seat.