Secrets and Lies…

My energy shot through the roof,
The day I discovered this amazing truth.
All the gunk that is inside,
Scared to see and so we hide.

Lies, untruths and hidden feelings,
Eat us up like wicked demons.
Gnawing away and churning our guts,
Making us feel bad and driving us nuts!

Step out my friend for all to see,
Banish the doubt and the negativity.
For it will be the death of you,
And all life that tries to ensue.

Take a breath and find your voice,
Embrace yourself this is the choice.
The bad you must see and learn to accept,
Or they eat us alive the secrets that are kept.

The lies, the hurt and the jealousy,
We hide for fear of insanity.
Shame and guilt build in a simmering pot,
And like an erupting volcano could spew forth in a shot.

This growing mass of deceit and negativity,
Suppresses our brilliant creativity.
It’s time to move, expand, let go,
Relax your mind and return to the flow.